Glen Davis Works

Glen Davis Oil Shale Works

The plant was closed in 1952 and whilst much of the old buildings have been demolished, there is still a great deal of remains of the plant still evident.

There is a regular stream of people coming to view the works on a special tour running on Saturday afternoons at 02:00 pm. For details go the Tour page.

Glen Davis Works

Glen Davis Works

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  1. So why are not going back to Glen Davis and start making petrol from shale oil? As america has enough oil now from shale which BHP has a plant doing this in Alaska?
    As when i travelled by train from New York to Los Angeles we saw tankers rail stored at all spare rail sidings . This would make is self sufficient on oil and reduce our countries bill.

    • To be honest Ian unless all oil shale deposits were mined, there is not enough volume at GD to be productive.
      It is also situated at the head of the Colo River, a wild river, situated in a wilderness, which terminates in Sydney waters. The environmental impacts would not be acceptable. There was heavy contamination from previous mining practices there.

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